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Many tech companies are struggling to find suitable employees. Every job opening attracts thousands of candidates with endless amounts of resumes and recommendation letters, which not all necessarily depict the candidate in an accurate manner. This situation obligates the company to spend large amounts of effort and time just to detect compatible applications.

Adecco has help tech companies in this aspect and assists them with the search for the right candidates. What are the advantages of using such a tech-recruitment service?

How does the process work? Who benefits from such a service? 

Keep reading and you will find all there is to know.


What is Adecco recruitment agency?

Adecco recruitment agency provides a service to two kinds of parties in the labor market – on one side for those who are looking for a position and on the other, for those looking for employees.

Among its other services, the recruitment agency is in charge of accepting job requirements and descriptions from companies, collecting and filtering the resumes, finding appropriate candidates and performing the first job interview.

After finding the right applicant, an interview with the recruiting company is scheduled, which decide if the applicant is right for them. On that matter, Adecco is a matchmakers or middlemen between employees and employers. 


The challenge of matching between employees and Tech companies

Recruitment in the-tech industry face a unique challenge, on the one hand, tech sector in Israel is thriving and the demand for employees is constantly increasing, on the other hand companies searching for employees have very specific needs and want extremely qualified candidates. 

The tech sector in Israel is flourishing. In Israel there are about 7,000 tech companies and about one tenth of Israeli employees work in this sector. The demand for employees in this field keeps going up and according to a survey published by the committee of innovation there is a shortage of approximately 18 thousand employees. 

The shortage is not due to a lack of supply: many thousands submit resumes for these jobs. This is not surprising given the relatively high wages in this industry and the prestige attributed to working in the tech sector. The shortage is due to the high demands of the companies themselves – making the matchmaking process difficult.


How to find the right candidates for a tech company?

Because of the complexity of this challenge, Adecco devotes time and resources to understand the client nature of company, its needs, and the way they operate.

Although the Adecco specializes in finding candidates, human resources and business solution management, it also holds a basic understanding of the technologies their clients work with and this knowledge assures they will be able to find the right applicants for any position. 

In this searching process, Adecco uses business and personal connections. Those various connections were formed over years of hard work and include former experienced workers from other tech companies. The recruitment process is very meticulous, therefore Adecco tries to minimize as much as possible incompatible interviews.

It is important to know that the recruitment process in the tech industry is tailored: the purpose is not to match between a candidate and the industry but between the candidate and a defined position.


Who is in charge of the payments?

As mentioned above, Adecco does not manage the legal relationship between employees and employers. Unlike in the payroll services, or other recruitment methods, all attachments are between the candidate and the company directly. 

Adecco only introduces the two parties, the company itself conducts an interview and decides if the candidate is a good fit, since only they fully understand their particular needs in depth. The fact that the recruiting tech company is not required to execute the initial stages of recruitment, benefits the company that sometimes lakes the appropriate resources to do so. 

Another advantage is keeping the company’s information confidential. In many cases, before marketing a product, tech companies want to keep the ideas for products, development horizons and technological activity within the company’s domains for the sack of its investors. 

Therefore, it is recommended that Adecco will take care of the initial stages of recruitment, but ultimately the final decision will be made with all the information required within the company’s offices, including the negotiation of terms of employment, the salary rate and the terms of payment.


Adecco can help your company find industry employees abroad

Another advantage of Adecco is being a global company with branches in 66 countries around the world. That allows her access to employees from different countries and with different expertise.

Despite the high local demand for work in the industry, sometimes the local eligible candidates are scarce, and for a position with very specific requirements the search needs to expand in a global level. 

In addition, hiring foreign workers, whether it is just one worker or several workers, is another advantage for tech companies since it helps establishing connections and helps create a wide network beyond the borders of the company’s origin country. In the tech world such connections are a vital component necessary for success.


Adecco is helping both parties – Employers and Employees

As for Adecco, the clients are both the employees and the recruiting tech companies. For employees using a recruitment agency has two main advantages. First, the search for work becomes more efficient.

Instead of contacting the thousands of tech companies on the market, they can contact Adecco’s recruitment team and use its services and knowledge about the different companies in the industry.

Secondly, Adecco has an extensive knowledge about the specific requirements and vacancies in the industry and about the professional and personal skills of the candidates. This knowledge ensures that if a position is found, it will be more suitable and more proportional to the applicant’s personal needs and skills.   

For employers, the great advantage of using Adecco’s services is the resource savings. As previously mentioned, the demand for work in the industry is high and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Many tech companies cannot allocate enough resources to cope with the huge supply and struggle to find the most suitable employees for their needs. Another advantage is the extensive databases Adecco has is more likely that the recruited candidate will be suitable for the specific position.  


For conclusion, Adecco is the largest leading company in the world that provides employment solutions and project managing. Adecco has years of experience in accompanying and promoting companies and organizations all over the world.

Adecco’s recruitment services mediate between potential workers and recruiting companies. Our diverse services will provide your company the specific business needs tailor made for you.

  By allowing Adecco to manage the company’s recruitment process, it will save valuable resources, like manpower and time, that the company must invest in the core of its activities. Contact Adecco for more details that will suit your specific business needs.

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