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Payroll services are all you need for financial and HE management purposes. For example, preparation of salaries includes all the payments attached to the employees’ salaries, management of sick days, vacation days, pension provisions and more. We know this is no small headache, so it’s no wonder that this at times regarded as one of the most important decisions you can make in starting a business. 

This is doubly important when it comes to international companies, for example a foreign company that employs workers in Israel – which requires familiarity with the social rights set forth in Israeli law, local labor laws and more. so, what must be done? Keep reading and discover the solution that has conquered the world and will surely suit you as well

Who to contact for Payroll Services Israel?

We, Adecco, are considered the leading and largest company in the world in the field of human resources, so by contacting our local branch (Adecco Israel) you can feel reassured in every aspect. Not only that Payroll Israel Services are conducted properly, but they are also being conducted according to what is required of you by law:  Payments of taxes, payments to the various funds, payments to insurance companies and more.

We at Adecco Israel engage on your behalf with the relevant bodies, monitor the performance and manage for you all the packages of social benefits required of you. If necessary and at your request, we at Adecco Israel will also take care of the logistical needs of your employees. For example (partial list):

  • Car rental
  • Mobile phone services
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Laptops

Israeli payroll services through outsourcing = your peace of mind

Since we provide business solutions to a variety of companies around the world, we have many years of proven experience with payroll, both international payroll services and Israeli payroll services. For example, we provide Israeli payroll services via outsourcing to the Israeli branches of international companies. This way you gain peace of mind in terms of bureaucratic and administrative issues, where we and not you are responsible for any updates and changes made in the field of human resources in Israel. 

We can take care of everything related to your employees and their working conditions. Starting from their contract, through the various rights to which they are entitled, compensation, deductions, various social provisions and more. This means that you can devote your energy and time to what really matters – leveraging your business, development and success.

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