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Many companies, such computer companies, tech companies, law firms, etc., have realized over the years that the human resources departments are an intensive and complexed discipline that may draw an extensive amount of energy and resources from the organization.

This scenario makes many companies question whether they should keep employing a human resources department or rather use a payroll service that will eliminate the need to deal with the technical aspects of managing employees and focus solely on the professional aspects.

What are payroll services? How does it work? And what are its benefits when hiring employees abroad? You can read about all this and more in the following article.


How do companies employ their employees?

There are various ways in which a company can hire a new staff member. The communication between the employing company and the new employees is made in two stages: the scouting and recruitment stage and the hiring stage.

Adecco Israel specializes in providing solutions for both of those stages. There are various reasons why companies would prefer to use an external company to find employees or to hire them, and we will list several of them in the following paragraphs. 

When hiring employees from other countries, things can get a little bit complicated, which in many cases can be easily solved by using Adecco services.

One of the methods of employment that has gained momentum in recent years is the payroll method. In this method the detection and recruitment are done by the client company itself, but the legal aspects of employment are done through Adecco.


What are payroll services abroad?

Payroll is the method of employment that combines elements of direct employment and elements prevalent in outsourcing methods. In this method Adecco, as the payroll company, oversees all administrative and legal matters while the client company locates and hires the employee and overseas professional matters.

In oppose to traditional outsourcing, the company controls all the professional aspects of managing the employees, but, unlike in the case of direct employment – the management of wages, social rights and so on, are under the framework of Adecco payroll services.

Overseas payroll services can save a great deal of hassle for companies that want to hire employees abroad. 

It is important to note that a company willing to hire an employee from a foreign country does not have to limit itself and has a larger variety to choose from. In addition, by using Adecco payroll services, the company maintains full independence and can manage all professional aspects and assure that the work that is done meets their requirements.

Another benefit is that by using Adecco’s services, the company itself does not need to be familiar with the local employment laws.


How does payroll process abroad work?

The first stage of scouting is solely the responsibility of the employing company, and at this point Adecco, as the payroll company, takes no part. The next step includes sorting and recruiting. The fact that this step is also done solely by the employing company, with no interference, allows a great deal of professional independence.

However, thanks to Adecco’s payroll services, the employing company doesn’t need to limit itself in the selection of the employee for non-professional reasons, such as the convenience of employment, bureaucratic limitations of payments, and so on.

The next stage is hiring. At this point, payroll services abroad can be used. Once the employee and employing company reach an agreement, Adecco takes care of all the administrative and legal matters, However, the professional management remains in the hands of the employing company.


What are the common reasons for using payroll services abroad?

As mentioned above, overseas payroll services resolve the problematic situation of hiring an incompatible employee for a certain position due to scarce options in the local labor market. When such services are not available some companies may choose to employ employees, who are not a perfect match to their needs.

When using Adecco payroll services, companies do not have to consider bureaucratic convenience and so they can employ people from all over the world. By using payroll services, whether it’s for payroll services abroad or in Israel, companies don’t need to maintain an independent human resources department within the company.


Adecco payroll services abroad

When a company is interested in hiring for a position and doesn’t have a human resources department, or if the human resources department isn’t developed enough to handle the employment of employees from abroad – using Adecco payroll services is a great solution that will save them great amount of time and resources, and in most cases, will also save them from possible mistakes that may occur from unfamiliarity with the local laws and social duties that are applicable in the destinations countries.

Adecco’s overseas payroll services are the optimal choice that gives the employer full independence when it comes to choosing the employee and a full exemption from administrative hazards. 

Adecco payroll services dismisses companies from maintaining a human resources department, since Adecco handles all the work of these departments

– they transfer payments to employees, deal with the IRS and the other authorities, take care of the employee’s social rights etc. In doing so, the companies enjoy the fact they do not need to worry about administrative issues, and they can work and create progress in all their professional affairs.

When hiring employees from foreign countries those benefits are even more prominent since dealing with foreign employment laws and immigration laws can be very difficult. Adecco will manage those matters in a successful and professional way and will save the companies a great deal of trouble.


Adecco Israel is a large and established global business solution management company that provides services to thousands of clients worldwide and has branches in 66 countries across the world. Adecco provides their clients with comprehensive consulting in a wide range of fields.

With the help of Adecco, Israeli and foreign companies obtain many business opportunities while expanding their activity with the promise of the best professional service possible! Adecco matches its services packages in a perfect fit to its client’s business needs.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help your company achieve its goals.

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