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Following the Bahrain–Israel normalization agreement, many companies in Israel began to explore the possibility of expanding their activities to Bahrain. In addition to the diplomatic relations that were established, the two countries have announced that they will cooperate in many fields including energy development, telecommunications, tourism and more. 

One of the main concerns troubling business owners operating abroad is the issue of personnel. Managing a human resources department in a foreign country requires overcoming many administrative obstacles. 

Adecco’s outsourcing services enable companies to perform business activities (even without a legal entity in the country) without the hassle of dealing with the tedious technical aspects, while focusing on the professional plan of there organization.

Adecco is a global company which provides a wide service shell that includes the legal, administrative and financial aspect; therefore, it assists business from all over the world maximize their business activities in foreign countries such as Bahrain. Adecco is one of the senior global companies in the field that provides diverse business solutions to her many clients, including outsourcing services in Bahrain.


What are the unique characteristics of the business sector in Bahrain?

Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf, and since Bahrain is a Muslim country with a developed business sector – there are unique influences of adjacent countries, as well as a significant western influence. It is important to know that Bahrain has a unique set of rules, among some similar laws known worldwide and some completely different. For example, there are laws prohibiting discrimination between genders when recruiting new employees, there’s a legal obligation to prioritize hiring local candidates when possible, etc.

In order to successfully navigate with these requirements of these local laws in all levels, it is recommended to be aided by the services of a global project management and human resources company as Adecco Israel. Adecco knows all the laws that apply in the wanted area and has branches in the country that can assist in all local regulations matters.


How will Adecco’s Outsourcing Services help your company? 

Outsourcing services enable companies to manage tasks easily, while saving on recruitment of personnel, tasks administration, paying salaries to employees, careful examination of local law requirements and so on. 

Adecco Israel offers its clients the opportunity to expand their business activities in foreign countries, including Bahrain.

Adecco creates the perfect match between the service provider in Bahrain and the business owners in Israel.

As a result of its expertise and extensive experience, Adecco provides professional end-to-end management for any business projects required, while ensuring that the project meets all the conditions of the local regulations. The local labor market in Bahrain is an unfamiliar territory for Israeli business owners. Therefore, it comes in handy that Adecco is able to provide the necessary protection from potential mistakes that likely be caused by the lack of experience and familiarity with the local labor laws.

Among outsourcing services, Adecco can also provide its clients many additional services, such as marketing research, consulting and employment services, analysis of market data, Payroll services, financial and CFO services and more. Adecco’s outsourcing services provides a distinct advantage that focuses on the ability to save its clients their time and resources, in a way that allows them to maximize their business activities in order to succeed in the new location.


A few concluding words

Israeli companies that are interested in expanding their business activities to Bahrain, face a major challenge dealing with local administrational issues. Due to lack of experience, Israeli business owners that come to Bahrain have a high probability to make mistakes, sometimes even crucial and expensive ones. 

Adecco, a global human resources and project management company, that provides services to its clients in 66 countries around the world, including in the UAE. 

Adecco’s clients receive comprehensive consulting services in many fields, including placement services, payroll, HR management, operation and administrative, financial consulting and more.

By relying on Adecco’s services, Israeli companies can expand their business activities to Bahrain while receiving the guaranty for the best professional service conceivable.

Adecco provides a guarantee and takes excellent care of all administrative and operational issues for its clients. That way companies are able to operate with maximum efficiency, in order to develop and expand their business activities to Bahrain and succeed with their business aspirations.

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