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This year, Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a historic normalization agreement. Alongside establishing a diplomatic relation, the agreement declared that the two countries shall cooperate in many business areas, including energy, telecommunications, tourism, economics and more.

As a result, many company owners interested in expanding their businesses wish to seize these new opportunities created in the United Arab Emirates.

Adecco’s services provide an effective solution that helps many companies overcome business obstacles, such as: legal struggles (even with no local legal representation) administrative procedures, management responsibilities and local policies, that may stand in the way of new companies wanting to enter the market.

These services allow the company to focus on maximizing their profit.


What are the unique characteristics of the business sector in the United Arab Emirates?

One of the important parts of the local labor law in the United Arab Emirates is the “Wages Protection System”, also known as WPS. The WPS is designed to enable the UAE government monitor and secure the social rights of workers.

These laws were implemented by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, and according to them wages must be paid through electronic transfers using financial institutions that have received official approval from the appropriate authorities of the United Arab Emirates.

Failure to comply with the wage security system requirements may result in sanctions such as fines, revocation of employment permits and more.

Considering the unique characteristics of the business sector in the United Arab Emirates, it is important to get assistance from a global human resources and project management company such as Adecco.

Adecco has years of profound experience and a deep understanding of local laws in many countries around the world. In fact, Adecco has branches at the United Arab Emirates and will provide you a direct contact with all that is happening in the field.


Adecco’s Outsourcing and Payroll Services

Adecco’s services enable companies to focus on the professional activities of running the company while avoiding tampering with all the legal, administrative, and operational aspects.

This practice enables companies to enjoy numerous advantages as maintaining business flexibility in a foreign country, saving resources and time that’s needed to handle local regulations, maintaining business independence and many more.

Adecco provides a wide range of services and has many branches spread in various countries around the world, and therefore easily helps companies expand their business operations across the globe.

Adecco guaranties a full and comprehensive handling of the administrative aspect while meeting all local regulatory requirements. Due to Adecco’s rich experience and its wide global presence, it can guard Israeli companies from possible mistakes that origin from lack of familiarity with the local market.

Adecco services enables its clients to save valuable time and resources, and to invest its energy on developing the business activities in the destination country, like in the United Arab Emirates.

On the other hand, companies from the UAE that are interested in expending their business activities in Israel, will find a warm partner who will help them to get acquainted with the local labor market in Israel, while closely monitoring the company’s needs. Our client’s success is Adecco’s success.

Adecco provides a “One Stop Shop” for all required services to many companies in many countries around the world, starting from human resources management, employment, outsourcing, payroll services, financial management, business consulting, developing work plans and much more.

Adecco’s deep familiarity with the local market and local authorities, ensures its clients the highest level of services available.


A few concluding words

Expanding business activities into a strong country such as the United Arab Emirates may be a very complex task. Therefore, it is important to make sure these issues are considered carefully before entering the new local market.

Although the United Arab Emirates is a country with convenient taxation and regulation, companies that don’t have the experience of operating businesses in a foreign country, risk making unfortunate mistakes without the proper guidance and assistance.

Adecco is a global business management company that operates in 66 countries around the world, including the United Arab Emirates.

Adecco offers its clients a comprehensive and professional consulting services on a variety of matters, including employment methods, administrative management, financial consulting services, payroll services and more. With Adecco assistance your company will be able to expand its activities to the United Arab Emirates while focusing on the professional aspects of your business. 

Adecco Israel sees her client’s success as its own success!

Adecco will take care of all operational and administrative issues, while her clients are able to operate in a more effectively way, knowing that a global professional company is handling all required aspects in the country they wish to expand.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist achieving your company’s business targets. 

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