Offshore in East Europe

In recent decades, the Israeli High-tech has been a national pride as it grows, expands and develops in an overwhelming way, and is now considered as one of the leading markets in the world.


Despite the impressive development, many companies are experiencing difficulties due to development costs in Israel

which are considered to be particularly high.

It is no secret that lowering these costs is a big

challenge for all market’s participants.

This is exactly where Adecco Israel enters the picture 

and offers unique outsourcing solutions that enable 

Adecco’s clients to significantly reduce the high costs 

that exist in Israel!

Our outsourcing services in Eastern Europe are known

due to the extensive networking

of the global Adecco!

We are well acquainted with the culture, the employees, the bureaucracy and the local laws. There is no need to open a new company with legal entity!

Our outsourcing services in Eastern Europe include:

Classification and recruitment of employees, 

employment, payroll and many more services 

tailored made for your organization.

The various benefits of Adecco Israel outsourcing services in Eastern Europe includes:


Substantially lower costs

Highly-qualified professionls

Familiar and friendly culture

The same working hours as in israel

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