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Over the years international organizations came to realize that handling every aspect of their Human Resource business by themselves may not be the most effective and beneficial approach. 

What is an MSP? Who is it for? Why should I use a Master Service Provider? How to select an MSP that suits your organization? Adecco Israel MSP.

All this and more you can find in this following article.

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What is MSP?

A Managed (or Master) Service Provider (MSP) refers to a company that delivers and manages multiple Human Resource services to a client company. HR Business aspects includes – All types of employment, outsourcing projects, Payroll Services, and recruitment.

The MSP company is responsible for the end-to-end management of this service worldwide in multiple countries, and even in locations where the organization (the client) does not have legal entities.

Customers use this service to expand globally, with sales and marketing, research and development, customer support, and more. This approach simplifies HR business related aspects (one centralized location) and enables companies to focus on their core activities.


MSP – Who is it for? 

Managed Service Provider is for Israeli companies (with or without a legal entity abroad) that want to develop and / or sale their products and services abroad. Utilizing an MSP is one of the most effective, cost-efficient ways for a business to manage its workforce overseas.

In an increasingly competitive and complex contingent talent market, utilizing a Managed Service Provider has clear and obvious benefits for a business, for example: visibility, agility and cost saving, scalability, global reach, and compliance.

If your company wants to expand globally, a managed service Provider becomes vital, though only if the MSP is also a global company. Adecco is a global Managed Service Provider that provides a high standard service, experienced in the field of project managing and business solutions.


Why should I use a Master Service Provider?

Estimates shows that about 60% to 80% of all companies have adopted the master service provider model for their ongoing business operation, whether in Israel or abroad.

Using an MSP has numerous advantages, such as – A much faster implementation of marketing plan overseas, a single point of contact, an improved bottom line, competitive rates, a streamlined process and more.


How to select an MSP that suits your organization?

Choosing the right MSP is an important step that will affect the client company, whether the client is interested to expand globally or locally. The selection of the MSP should be based on various factors, including Size, Industry, Geography and Experience.

Many MSP companies focus on a specific industry. Global companies such as Adecco, due to their wide global deployment, specialize in a wide range of services that provide business solutions to all companies in all fields.

Adecco business solutions are flexible and can easily tailored to the client’s specific business needs. Another important advantage is Adecco’s broad geographic presence (located in around 70 countries).

Using a small MSP will limit the service delivery options. Experience – An experienced MSP will provide expected results to its clients in every delivered service. Adecco has many years of global and local knowledge and experience in every country of presence.


Adecco Israel – A Master Service Provider worth knowing

Adecco is a global company providing business solutions for companies worldwide. The international manpower company, Adecco, was founded in 1996, from a merger of two large companies, the French Ecco and the Swiss Adia.

Adecco operates in over 66 countries across the world and assists many companies to gain success from their businesses, in their home country or worldwide. Contact Adecco today and we will examine together your company’s business needs in order to provide you the most accurate answer for your organization.

Waiting to hear about your project!


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