Labor Law in the USA

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Labor laws deal with regulations of legal relationships between employers and employees.

There are major differences between the judicial systems in different countries around the world, and specifically between the different states in the US.

Many companies and businesses are interested in expanding their business activities to the United States – The Land of Endless Possibilities. 

Before starting to hire employees in the US, there are some subjects that it is important to be familiar with regarding the labor laws in the American market.


Expertise in the subject of American labor laws

Due to the many differences in labor laws between the different states in the USA, and because of the need to be knowledgeable of the complex and branched labor law system, it is essential to manage the aspect of human resources in the company correctly. It is crucial to know how to perform in the business sphere, and to be informed of the legal aspect.

Adecco is a global company with 66 branches worldwide, including the US. Adecco provides the required counseling to companies that are interested in expanding into different states in the US, and specializes in hiring employees while offering employment services, Payroll, recruitment and placement, financial services, management reserve, project management, etc.

This way, Israeli companies can maximize their efficacy while knowing that a global company such as Adecco is running the bureaucracy and legal aspects, with knowledge and experience on this subject.


What are Labor Laws?

As mentioned, labor law is the extensive legal system that involves every aspect of employer-employee relationships.

Labor laws precisely outline the conditions in which employer-employee relationships exist. They differentiate between people who are employed as employees and as contractors.

Each position has different rights and obligations. They include Protective Laws – a system of laws that are meant to protect employees due to the power gaps between them and their employers. 

With protective laws, an employer cannot make an employment contract that denies the employee’s fundamental rights. This system regulates vast constitutional subjects, including freedom of association within collective agreements, the right to strike against the employer, and so on.


Understanding the differences between labor law in Israel and in the USA

In Israel there is one legal system that applies equally to every resident and citizen. However, in the United States the situation is different and more complicated.

In the USA, there is the federal law system which applies to every person, as well as separate systems for each state, with differences between them. In some cases, there are even differences between laws in different cities in the same state.

When it comes to employees’ rights, the protective laws in the USA are usually relatively weak, compared to Israel.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the prohibition of discrimination in the American constitution provides significant protection, sometimes stronger than the protection against discrimination in Israel. Cases in which employers were sued for acting in a discriminatory nature towards their employees (and even candidates) are not uncommon.


Why is it important to be familiar with US labor laws?

There are some implications that are important to address for Israeli businesses that expand their activities to the US and hire employees. When recruiting employees, due to constitutional restrictions on questions asked in job interviews, background checks are recommended in order to find more details on the candidate, prior to the interview.

It is also important to focus on understanding the federal and state laws regarding protective laws, to avoid lawsuits.

Moreover, it is important to mention some unique characteristics, such as the way of ending work relations – in the US it is customary to ask employees to waive their right to sue their employer after resigning. 


Adecco Israel – Responsible for your company’s labor law field

Due to the complexity and diversity of labor laws between the different states in the USA, which can greatly affect the employer and the employee – it is very important to work with a global and experienced company that is familiar with all the different subtleties between different laws across the United States.

Adecco is a long-standing and experienced global company, providing business solutions to many companies and organizations around the world. With experience and connections from all over the world, Adecco provides its clients the most efficient and professional services in accordance with the company’s unique needs.

Adecco Israel will provide your company with the knowledge and data required for the purpose of expanding your business activities in the United States of America without fear of uncertainty about the obligation to perform different payments, different administrative arrangements, the required provisions in each country, and more. 

Contact us today and we will be happy to assist your company to expand its activity operations in the USA!

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