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The hi-tech field is one of the most rewarding fields of work in Israel and abroad. The high salaries as well as the experience, enables us to work everywhere in the world. 

Although this sector is famous for its great work conditions in Israel – the conditions abroad are even more impressive. As a result, thousands of Israelis that work in the hi-tech sector in Israel are relocating to other countries around the world.

While there are many benefits for working in high-tech overseas – moving to a different country involves many challenges. It is imperative to make sure you match expectations regarding the conditions offered by the company abroad and ensure taking care of all the required bureaucratic issues with the authorities in Israel.

Adecco Israel is a management company that offers business solutions in 66 countries around the world, as well as to many hi-tech companies. Through Adecco Israel you may easily find the company that best suits you!

What are the opportunities available for Israelis in the hi-tech field? What are the important things to consider when choosing a country? What are the most sought-after countries? How to look for a job in the global hi-tech market?

Keep reading to find the answers to these questions, and more!


What are the opportunities available for Israelis in the hi-tech field?

The hi-tech field consists of a large range of jobs, including data security, hardware and software engineering, website development, and more.

In addition, there is a large supply of management positions overseas. Therefore, so many Israelis are interested in advancing to the management field after encountering a “glass ceiling” in Israel and can find many alternative opportunities abroad.

Being the Start Up Nation, Israelis have an excellent reputation in the global hi-tech market, and therefore they have an advantage from the beginning of the job search.


What are the important things to consider while choosing the designated country?

There are two typical situations in which Israelis choose to work for a hi-tech company abroad:

The first is when the employee receives and accepts a relocation offer from the company he works for. This situation saves most of the transition issues, when the company assists with leaving the country and settling in the destination one.

Second, when individually searching for a job overseas. The first step, that is very important in the process of looking for a job, is choosing the destination country.

Alongside the salary offered by the companies, it is recommended to consider all the criteria that may affect the personal experience in the country, as well as the net salary. 

The criteria are:


The cost of living

Salaries overseas are usually higher than the salaries in Israel, but it is important to remember that countries differ in terms of cost of living. 

Although the salaries could be very similar in New York and in India – the cost of living in New York is a lot higher. The real wages in countries where there is a low cost of living will be higher.


Personal connection to the destination country

It is important to address the nature of the country one may be moving to. It is recommended to ensure there is a community near the workplace or near the residence, so that the employee will feel at home and develop his personal life.

Salaries are of high importance, but it is highly recommended to balance between the working conditions and the quality of life.


What are the most sought-after countries in the High-Tech field?

The United States

It is likely that the USA will remain at the top of the most sought-after countries for many more years. Most Israelis prefer to move to cities such as New York, Boston and Los Angeles. These cities feature a high quality of life, though, in accordance, the cost of living is high. 

Israelis who prefer to live in places where they will not feel as if they are giving up on a certain standard of living, but at the same time choose for a lower fixed costs, will usually choose to move to states such as New Jersey, Texas or Florida. 

For instance, by moving to New Jersey in order to work in New York – the employee’s residence is within reasonable driving distance from New York, which allows enjoying excellent wage conditions and at the same time, by living outside of New York, it saves on the higher housing and living costs.


Toronto, Canada

The capital of Ontario, and the largest city in Canada, is a strong attraction for many Israelis.

Other than being a very developed city in the global hi-tech market, Toronto is also a western city with a very high quality of life – the population is diverse and cosmopolitan, there is a big Jewish community, great public services and more.

The main disadvantage of Canada lies in the weather. The freezing winter months may deter many Israelis.



Many Israelis choose to relocate to Europe due to its relative geographical proximity to Israel, the developed public services, and lots of other benefits. The most desired destinations for Israelis are England and Germany, as well as Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Finland.


Other destinations around the world

Aside from Australia that has been a desired destination for years, other destinations that Israelis have barely reached have been discovered recently, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, etc. Some of these countries have exceptional cultures, and some have quite a low cost of living (like Singapore and India).


How to find a job in the global hi-tech market?

The job hunt is divided into two main methods. The first one is trying to find a job independently by searching social networks, sending resumes to companies, etc.

The second method, that is a lot safer and more efficient, is by using Adecco Israel’s professional services. Adecco provides a large variation of services, including global recruitment and placement services, to many hi-tech companies in Israel and around the world.

Adecco’s most notable advantage is their in-depth knowledge of the different markets in many countries around the world where Israelis may want to work. 

Adecco has branches in 66 countries worldwide, which enables access and knowledge of local laws, workers’ rights, information regarding the local market’s needs, regulatory requirements, etc. 

Due to Adecco’s knowledge and many connections around the world, you can find your dream job in a coveted hi-tech company. In addition to that, employers who are interested in hiring Israelis, turn to Adecco in order to find the needed employees.

After discussing the ways to find jobs in the hi-tech field, it is important to know the relevant criteria to finding a job in the field.


Preparation towards finding a job in the hi-tech field

Preparing a resume that fits the desired job

Every country has its own standards in terms of the customary way to present a resume. For example, in Israel it is customary to narrow the resume to the “bottom lines” and ensure it does not exceed a two-page limit. In other countries it is customary to go into detail, and the length is usually between 3 to 5 pages.

Furthermore, it is sometimes expected to include a cover letter, in which the candidate introduces himself and explains why he is fit for the job and the company. The letter presents a great opportunity to demonstrate the candidate’s learning ability of the local language, and to express himself and tell the employer who he is, beyond the resume.


Preparing for the job interview

With much similarity to the resume, the style of the job interview can also vary from country to country. In Israel, many interviews are conducted informally, although in other countries such a conduct is unacceptable and may affect your chances of being accepted.

In addition, in Israel it is customary to conduct tests in order to be accepted – which is not customary around the world. Background checks of the candidates are more acceptable and may be less deterrent to good candidates who do not feel comfortable with tests.

It is important to adhere to the dress code that suits the country and the company where you are interviewed. A general overview of the company and its activities should be conducted. 

By doing so, the candidate can prepare with information about the company, understanding of the customary dress code, knowledge of the company’s vision and values, and so on.

It is advisable to conduct a research regarding the different stages of the sorting process in the companies in which you are being interviewed. Every country has different norms and the candidates should know how to proceed in order to save unnecessary embarrassment and avoid affecting the chances of acceptance.

With the help of Adecco Israel, you can receive the best counseling and guidance to prepare for the sorting process, while getting to know each country’s requirements, as well as accompanying throughout the whole process.


How to prepare for a relocation?

Relocation is a very complicated matter, but when the person who is looking for a job has a family – the relocation becomes even more difficult. Relocating involves many issues, including selling your properties and possessions in Israel, payment of debts to the authorities, issuing work visas and residence permits, and more.

It is recommended to give special attention to the following:


Preparing the family

Aside from the mental preparations the family must do before the relocation, there are many additional subjects to address, such as: issuing residence permits for the whole family, finding an alternative job or career for your partner, finding formal and informal education institutions for your kids, and so on.


Discontinuation of residency

When relocating, you must carry out the process of “discontinuation of residency” for tax purposes. In order to do that – income tax requirements must be met, payment arrangements with the National Insurance Institute must be reached and many other topics. 

It is recommended to consult with a tax expert to confirm that you meet all the requirements of the law, to avoid affecting your rights upon returning to Israel.


Selling property

It is recommended to make a list of the properties at your disposal and select the properties that you will keep and maintain during your time abroad. The rest should be sold prior to leaving.


Adecco Israel – who are we?

Adecco Israel is a management company that provides business solutions to many Israeli Hi-Tech companies around the world. Our business solutions include global recruitment and placement, human resources management, financial consulting, employment solutions and so on.

With Adecco Israel’s many services, you can avoid costly mistakes that can be caused by lack of experience in finding a job in the hi-tech field abroad, and in relocating to a foreign country.

Adecco Israel is the Israeli representative of the Swiss Adecco Group. Adecco provides business solutions to companies in all types of fields in 66 countries around the world! 

Contact us and we’ll be happy to be at your service!

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