Financial & Administrative Services

Our Financial
Administrative Services


We specialize in advising local managers in all aspects of financial governance, supervising salary payment procedures and related systems, assisting negotiations with vendors, and preparing, updating and maintaining business plans.


Our payroll service includes salary and additional payment calculations, including preparation for payment orders and full management of the entire package of Social Benefits.

In addition, we will liaise with the relevant authorities to consummate the process and prepare all required payments such as Governmental Payments, Insurance Reductions/Payments etc.

Our internal systems enable us to efficiently manage the entire umbrella coverage to all employees inclusive of holiday presents and Administrative support (leased cars, cellular phones, laptops, etc.)


Preparing all kinds of management reports including P&L, balance sheet, profit center or cost center calculation, CF plans.

All reports may be modified to the international corporate report system and generated in English.

Bookkeeping Integration

Account reconciliation, invoices and billing, payment preparation, VAT and tax reports, as well as preparing books for the annual external audit, according to local GAAP/US GAAP.


Newest Updates

Labor Law in Australia

Labor law is a legal field that includes legislation, case law and legal literature that regulate the legal relationship between an employer and his employees.

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