Employment Services

Adecco Israel specializes in providing business solutions to companies in Israel and around the world.

 Adecco’s employment services in Israel (Employer of Record – EoR) include all the necessary steps, starting from signing employees on employment contracts, managing monthly wages, management of benefits and social payments according to law and in according with agreed terms of employment, payments to tax authorities and to the relevant pension and fund officials, till ending of process with termination of employment.


Adecco Israel employs employees from various fields for its clients and has an extensive experience in handling employees in senior positions and complex compensation plans.

These employment services allow Adecco’s clients employment flexibility and an easy, fast and professional response to the employment of temporary employees or as a temporary solution until acceptance as employee of the company.

Implementing local requirements and laws concerning employment in foreign countries, is a complex mission and often involves many possible risks and mistakes which can be very expensive.

Adecco Israel, as part of the global Adecco Group, provides employment solutions to local employees in a variety of countries around the world.

Adecco’s employment services exempt its clients from the time-and-resource-consuming matters that are involved in the management of the procedural aspect and enable them to effectively develop their business work plans abroad.

All of this happens while Adecco protects their clients and helps them to avoid obstacles on their way to company business expansion that may result from compliance issues, taxes or local laws.

Adecco Israel has a combined advantage of local expertise resulting from over 30 years of experience in Israel, in addition to global experience based on being part of the global Adecco Group.

Adecco provides full solutions that include combinations of the various products and allow the client all the umbrella of services he needs under one roof!


We will be happy to assist your company accomplish its goals and aspirations.

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