Employment services without a legal entity

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A legal entity is the ability of companies, organizations, unions and individuals to carry out operations (agreements, contracts, etc.) with other legal entities, assume obligations, be released from those obligations and carry out transactions. In fact, any business defined as a legal entity serves as a body that can sue or be sued by other legal entities (e.g., in cases where the agreements, transactions or contracts signed between the legal entities are breached).

However, it is possible to run a business also without being defined as a “legal entity”, when it is relies on another company as its legal entity – thus allowing complete business freedom of action without being confined to one legal status or another.  One of the advantages of such an arrangement is the possibility of performing employment services without a legal entity, for example in the case of a foreign company in Israel or an Israeli company abroad. 

What is the best way to perform employment services without a legal entity?

Since most employment services without a legal entity are required in the case of international companies (an Israeli company operating abroad or a foreign company operating in Israel), the best way is to contact us at Adecco to that we could serve as your legal entity. We are the subsidiary of the global Adecco company; therefore, you can rest assured that you will be provided with an international response based on many years of experience.

This way you benefit from our worldwide deployment, receive a package of services tailored for you personally, gain close business support, and no less important – concentrate solely on your business development, acquiring business opportunities, building relationships and professional advancement. In Israel this is called zero headaches and worldwide they simply contact us.

Much more than employment services without a legal entity 

With us at Adecco, you will receive not only employment services without a legal entity, but a complete and perfect envelope under one roof in accordance with your needs. For example, payroll services, outsourcing services, recruitment and placement services, administrative and financial services, supplier services, and even the possibility of conducting market surveys. 

We at Adecco believe that your organization is an asset and therefore should be protected, ensure that it receives the best conditions for its growth and provide it with value-added services. Contact us and save yourself time, energy and resources so that you too will be the best in your field. Because your success is our success!


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