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Employment services are just what you need. It does not matter whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent employment services, long-term or short-term employment services, international or local employment services, since you can find them all with us at Adecco Israel. We focus on the specific needs of each customer, so you get a package of employment services that fits you like a glove. For example, employment services that include payroll and recruitment.

Our employment services at Adecco Israel

We at Adecco Israel specialize in finding business solutions for international and Israeli companies. One of the services we provide to our clients is employment services that include all the stages in an employee’s life:

  • The employee’s signing of the employment contract
  • Ongoing care of the employee’s salaries
  • Ongoing management of the social payments and benefits, in accordance with the law and what has been agreed with the employee in the contract
  • Ongoing payment to the pension entities, the various funds and the tax authorities
  • Termination of the employee’s employment

We at Adecco Israel are able to handle complex projects, i.e., employ employees from different fields of knowledge, handle employees at managerial levels and take part in complicated programs, in terms of employee reward. This means that you as customers gain flexibility in terms of employment and receive a professional, quick and easy response to the employment of employees. 

Our employment services – your peace of mind abroad as well

We at Adecco Israel do all this and much more. Because we are part of a global group, we are aware that each country has different employment laws – which you, as employers, find to be complicated and accompanied by quite a few mistakes and financial risks. Only we are able to provide employment solutions for your local employees in different countries around the globe. 

We enable you to avoid bothers with regard to operational management issues, so you can concentrate on the development of your business abroad, save time and energy and avoid various difficulties you may encounter: Problems of adapting and recruiting employees for the job, dealing with local laws (pension provisions, various funds, tax payments) related with the employment of employees and even contract termination if needed.

Adecco’s employment services – your net gain

Our employment services at Adecco Israel combine all the worlds:  

  • On the one hand – expertise that based on more than 30 years of experience in Israel
  • On the other hand – an experience based on being part of the Adecco International Group

This means you can only benefit from: Both complete solutions that combine a variety of services, compliance with your specific guidelines, and international experience and backing. All of course under one roof

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