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Many companies are interested in taking advantage of the convenient terms and low level of regulations in different states in the USA, in order to develop their business activities abroad. 

Before jumping into the deep waters of expanding business to the US, companies have many matters to consider. One of the main issues they would need to contemplate is the way they would hire employees in the United States of America.

Adecco Group provides business solutions to Israeli and global companies and offers recruitment and employment services in many countries around the world, including the USA. What are the implications of hiring employees in the US? What kinds of employment methods are there?

The following article will provide answers to these questions.


Hiring employees in the USA – the main challenges

The most important thing to remember is that the regulations are not consistent across the US. The country consists of 50 different states, and aside from the federal law, each state has its own regulations regarding labor laws, employee’s rights and so on.

Moreover, on the topic of recruitment process, there are some cultural and professional differences between Israel and the US that are important to emphasize when approaching employment in the US.

For instance, it is customary in Israel to have candidates take tests during the sorting process, to determine their professional level. This is not common in the US, and it may drive away some of the quality personnel. Instead, general background checks are more acceptable and recommended.

Lack of familiarity with the target state in the US could lead to costly mistakes. It is important to acquaint yourself with every aspect of the region prior to trying to achieve the American Dream by expanding your business activity.

Adecco Israel, a company that provides global business solutions, can assist businesses in dealing with the main challenges arising from hiring employees in the USA.


How do Adecco’s employment services in the USA work?

There are three main options to hire employees in the USA. Seemingly, it is possible to hire employees directly by using the Israeli company’s independent sorting and recruiting process, and essentially have them employed by an American subsidiary, if they have one.

In most cases, direct employment is better suited for Israeli companies with a strong foundation in the US. Without these conditions, direct employment has many limitations. Therefore, it is very important to know the alternatives that could lead to significant savings in the company’s resources.

When hiring for a specific project, it is recommended to consider the different services Adecco offers their clients. One option is the Payroll services, in which Adecco is the acting employer (meaning Adecco has the employer-employee relationship with the candidate), providing the employees with all of the benefits required by law and by the client.

Adecco is responsible for managing all aspects of employment, while the professional and business aspects are led by the client.

This way the company can receive the service they are looking for from employees in the US without being concerned by the involved bureaucracy, while still maintaining maximum business flexibility.

Adecco’s outsourcing services are recommended for companies that are interested in taking on a project that deviates significantly from the company’s expertise. When using the outsourcing service, Adecco takes responsibility of implementing the project from start to finish, as well as managing the personnel. 

Adecco performs many services in the USA for their clients, including recruitment and placement, MSP (Master Services Provider), outsourcing, managed services, Payroll services, employment services, etc. 

Adecco’s employment service has a clear advantage – Adecco provides services without competition, saves time and valuable resources for their clients, which fulfill the clients’ business gains to the maximum.



Hiring employees in the US poses great challenges to a company that is interested in expanding its business activity to the country. There are many employment methods that require different levels of expertise and familiarity with the local market, labor law and regulations.

Adecco’s services are recommended to help with finding the ultimate match between the company and the service providers (employees) in the USA. This helps in saving the company from distractions and possible mistakes that stem from lack of familiarity of the target region.


Adecco Israel is a large and established global business solution management company that provides services to thousands of clients worldwide. Adecco provides their clients with comprehensive consulting in a wide range of fields.

With the help of Adecco, Israeli and foreign companies obtain many business opportunities while expanding their activity with the promise of the best professional service possible!

Adecco’s fits it’s services like a glove to their client’s business needs.

Contact us and we will be glad to be at your service!

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