Why is creativity an integral part of the human life?

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You’ve got up for a new day.

Not always we see big changes from the previous day, but we have come to realize that routine is blessed and it’s much better than other situations that we do not want to face.


Creative Thinking

Our new reality with everything that happened with the corona crisis, that added to our own personal and political troubles, each to himself – has taught us things that we already knew but didn’t really implemented, and that, at the end of the day, needs to reflect by the gratitude of the little things in life, that not once we see for granted – such as health, our families, a roof over our head and food on our table, and another million things that everyone with themselves can find more to add and be thankful for. 

The thing that is most noticeable nowadays, is the need for creativity thinking in order to improve the current situation.

What do I mean by creativity, you ask?

Creativity is expressed in the way that people think outside the box. Creativity is the process of producing original and relevant ideas for a given situation. Creative thinking consists of originality, flexibility and usefulness. 

Creativity is an essential component in a person’s ability to function. It is the base of many inventions in science, technology and art, as well as the base for new solutions to common problems in the daily human life.


Human creativity – How is it reflected?

After all, today we have changed a lot of our norms that were obvious until a few month ago, like going to the mall, having the education system working, obvious that you can meet with friends and family members, hugging people you feel warm feeling for, etc.

Human creativity is reflected at these days in many areas. Of course, in the field of life science and pharmaceuticals, there is an understandable creative competition for the purpose of finding the vaccine, and as a result, there are other things related to the subject, but it is not only in these areas.

Long before this hallucinatory period has come upon the whole world and instilled a kind of tremendous solidarity and cooperation over all nations of the world – There was always the opinion that we miss a lot of the great meaningful emotional experiences we can feel as human-being.

The deep understanding that this world is just passageway and we are here in this world for a limited time, and it is important that we feel the deep things that the soul can feel in this borrowed time in this world.


constant nourishment of the spirit

Love and Giving – are things that each of us can do according to his or hers mental and material ability, and it is so important to do this on a daily basis, even in the smallest extent. 

Why is it important to be done daily?

For the same reason that our body needs water on a daily level, so does our spirit need constant nourishment. Our creative spirit feels an existential need to give and love.

Creativity is expressed in those aspects in its most powerful way. Thinking outside the box – thinking how to make others happy, how to give and help, how to make it easier for someone else that maybe is going through this period a little bit harder than we are.

In these areas – your creativity is the driving force of the spirit in this existential world.


“Be that Person” – guideline for life

People think about how to make other people, completely strangers, happy. Whether if it is helping the elderly, food for the needy person, more attention to people who are dealing with difficult life and mostly don’t talk openly about their issues, not even with their closest relatives.

I have always believed that our motto for life should be – “Be the person you would like to meet at that given moment”.

We do not know what other people are going through. Even if they seem to be the happiest person in the world, as soon as they close the door of their house, they pray that someone up there will hear them. We meet “angels” every day and we are even those “angels” for others from time to time.


Increase the good

Give a smile,

Say a kind word,

Write what’s on your heart.

Let the vehicle on the road cross the lane in front of you.

Be creative with giving your love even in the simplest ways outlined above.

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