Adecco Israel Offshore Solution

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Adecco Group has a global presence in over 66 countries worldwide.

This incomparable global network enables us to help our clients realize exceptional workplace and business opportunities locally and worldwide.

At Adecco, we realize that each client and candidate have unique needs. We believe that ascertaining these specific requirements is best achieved via attentive personal interaction. Upon determining our client’s specifications, we facilitate their fulfillment utilizing our exclusive, tailor-made solution. This is our work philosophy and we implement it daily – keeping clients involved every step of the way. 

Our vision is to use our expertise to inspire and encourage organizations and individuals to work effectively and efficiently, thereby enabling our clients and candidates to fulfill their full potential and achieve mutual targets and success.



The term offshore refers to a location outside of the company’s national boundaries.

An Israeli company may legitimately move offshore for the purpose of resources cost savings. This savings may be up to 50% in comparison to Israel.


Offshore Problem

The high-tech sector has been driving the Israeli economy for almost two decades and is comprised of established players and promising startups.

However, development costs are very high when compared to offshore alternatives. Lowering this cost is the major challenge facing all market participants.


Offshore Solution

 This is where Adecco can share its unique offshore solutions. Using Adecco’s already established offshore locations in East Europe – Bulgaria and Romania, we can offer a proven offshore service which helps overcome the cost issue without compromising on delivered quality.


Offshore Advantages

 There are many advantages to Offshoring in East Europe – Proximity – Substantially lower costs – Highly qualified professionals – Familiar and friendly culture – The same working hours as in Israel We know the cultures, the people, and the local regulations.

There is no need to establish a new company! Our Offshore services in East Europe include: Talent Recruitment, Employment, Outsourcing services. We may support all R&D software engineering tasks, help desk, and call center.

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