Offshore in East Europe

The high tech sector has been driving the Israeli economy for almost two decades and is comprised of established players and promising startups. 
However, development costs are very high when compared to offshore alternatives. 
Lowering this cost is the major challenge facing all market participants.

And this is where Adecco can share its unique offshore solutions.

Using Adecco’s worldwide network, we can offer a proven offshore service in East Europe which helps overcome the cost issue and save you substantial amounts of cash.

There are many advantages to Outsourcing in East Europe


Substantially lower costs

Highly-qualified professionals

Familiar and friendly culture

The same working hours as in Israel

We know the cultures, the people, and the local regulations. 
There is no need to establish a new company!

Our Offshore services in East Europe include:
Talent Recruitment, Employment and Outsourcing services.

Should you consider going offshore to reduce costs,

Adecco is there for you -100%!