Adecco Israel is part of Adecco Group, the world leading HR solutions provider

Our service offering includes: flexible staffing/outsourcing solutions, expert leadership, HR management, executive search and more.

Adecco Group has a global presence in over 66 countries worldwide.

This incomparable global network enables us to help our clients realize exceptional workplace and business opportunities locally and worldwide.

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At Adecco, we realize that each client and candidate has unique needs. We believe that ascertaining these specific requirements is best achieved via attentive personal interaction. Upon determining our client’s specifications, we facilitate their fulfillment utilizing our exclusive, tailor-made solution. This is our work philosophy and we implement it daily; keeping clients involved every step of the way.

Adecco Group

Adecco Group


To use our expertise to inspire and encourage organizations and individuals to work effectively and efficiently, thereby enabling our clients and candidates to fulfill their full potential and achieve mutual success.

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Cooperate Owner and CEO at Tafkid-Plus Adecco Group

Rachel Hefets Broitman, Co-CEO & Partner at Tafkid Plus Adecco since 1990.

Rachel has over 25 years of business experience serving in various government ministries offices in top executive managerial positions in human resources and economics as well as a director in few public companies in Israel. 


Cooperate Owner and CEO at Tafkid-Plus Adecco Group

Zvika Kind, LLB, Member of the Israel Bar Association, founder and Co-CEO at Tafkid Plus Adecco since 1988. 

Zvika has over 28 years of experience serving in various positions as Chairman of the Human Resources Association of Chamber of Commerce, member of its working committee as well as member of the advisory committee to the Minister of Economy.


CEO at Adecco Israel

Avshalom Ben Zoor serves as the manager of Adecco Israel for the last 3 years. 

 Avshalom has over 25 years of business experience serving as a CEO, GM, VP Sales, VP Marketing & Biz Dev, as well as VP R&D in various Israeli companies in the High Tech industry.  


CFO at Tafkid-Plus Adecco Group

Shauly Melitz serves as the CFO of Tafkid plus Adecco group since 1999.

Shauly has over 26 years of experience serving in top executive managerial positions in finance, operations and human resources in both the private and public sectors in Israel.

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